Dining in Ringsheim Near Europapark

The choice of food in Ringsheim, around the Europapark and the Black Forest is very diverse and at a high quality level There are countless ways to eat - choose from buying food in a supermarket, getting fresh snacks snacks, fast food, traditional restaurants or even fine dining in top class restaurants.

Our restaurant at Hotel La Toscana will open end of 2023. Until then, we can recommend restaurants in the area.


Italian food in Hotel La Toscana, Ringsheim, Europapark

Restaurant at Hotel La Toscana

Our Italian restaurant at Hotel La Toscana opens its doors end of 2023. Until then we recommend restaurants, eateries and shops in the area.
Events in Ringsheim and Europapark

Events in Ringsheim and Europapark

Here you will find events and events in our hotel, in Ringsheim, in Rust, in the Black Forest, in Freiburg and Strasbourg.


Your Hotel near Europapark Rust!

Hotel La Toscana is located directly at Europapark Rust in Ringsheim, along the A5 motorway, exit 57b Rust. By car or hotel shuttle you can reach the popular adventure park in just 5 minutes. Furthermore, the famous Black Forest with its many attractions is only a short distance away. Attractive cities such as Strasbourg, Colmar and Freiburg are easily accessible via the motorway. There are many activities in the area such as hiking, cycling and e-biking. You can explore numerous Black Forest and wine villages such as Ettenheim, Herbolzheim, Rheinhausen, Kappel-Grafenhausen, Mahlberg, Kippenheim and Riegel am Kaiserstuhl. Feel free to stop on your way to try a Baden wine from the Kaiserstuhl. This wine area is known to produce the best wines in Germany.