Free WiFi throughout the Hotel

News posted on 29. April 2019
Free WiFi - Hotel La Toscana Nähe Europapark

Wi-Fi is an integral part of today's smartphones, tablets and laptops. The data rates have increased enormously and the use of mobile devices has arrived at all generations. When traveling - whether on vacation or on business - an internet connection is essential. Wi-Fi offers the flexibility to quickly and easily connect to the Internet.

When selecting and maintaining our Wi-Fi network, we pay particular attention to speed, simplicity and reliability.

We also have numerous USB charging ports in the rooms.

WiFi at Hotel La Toscana

SWe operate a professional Wi-Fi network in our hotel, which is available everywhere:

  • available in all rooms
  • available in the breakfast room
  • available in the lobby
  • available in the parking lot
  • available in the hall
  • free
  • fast

Visit us in beautiful Ringsheim and stay in contact with the world.

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What is WiFi?

  • WiFi is a spatially limited computer network, in which communication is carried out by radio transmission
  • In German-speaking countries it is also called the WLAN
  • WLAN = Wireless Local Area Network