Europa Park Thermal Bath opens on 28.11.2019

News posted on 30. April 2019
Europa Park Thermal Bath Rulantica - building site

The Europa Park Thermal Bath opens on 28.11.2019: The "Rulantica Water World" by Europapark is the new exciting attraction next to the adventure park in Rust.

Excerpt from "...  Rulantica – the new Water World at Europa-Park! At the gates of Germany´s largest theme park, the new water world Rulantica is rising at impressive pace. From 28th November 2019, the first part of the gigantic 450,000 square metre resort extension will shine in all its glory. With a unique Nordic theme surrounding the mysticism and beauty of Scandinavia, a sensational world of water adventure will lure visitors in all year round. In nine different settings, 25 exciting water attractions guarantee refreshing fun for the whole family. From 31st May 2019, guests can discover the new themed hotel Krønasår, which invites all to relax and dream next to Rulantica.

On an area of 63 football fields, the owner family Mack is realizing a groundbreaking major project with Rulantica - the new Water World at Europa-Park: One of the largest water worlds in Europe with a unique Nordic design and a sixth themed hotel in Scandinavian style will be built in the first phase of construction. In the following years, Rulantica in the southeast of the municipality of Rust will continue to grow through further construction on the 45-hectare expansion area.

An experience inside and out

A mix of Scandinavian style, Nordic landscapes, imaginative designs and mystical scenes create a particularly unique and impressive atmosphere in the water world Rulantica. A total of 25 attractions including 17 slides for young and old promise pure water fun for all tastes. In the 32,600 square meter indoor area, little mermaids can look forward to nine exciting theme worlds all year round.

For example, the lovely ‘Trølldal’ is perfectly attuned to the needs of the little ones. Once surrounded by huge floods, ‘Rangnakor’ − the city on stilts − impresses with large slides built by Rulantica´s indigenous people. The themed area ‘Skip Strand’ is a true adventure playground with sunken three-master. In ‘Vinterhal’, a gigantic glacier cave is home to numerous slides and protected by the frozen sea snake ‘Svalgur‘. ‘Lumåfals’ is the home of beautiful mermaids and boasts a colourful waterfall and a large wave pool. Bubble loungers framed by pines and rocks make the ‘Skog Lagoon’ a haven of peace. ‘Vildstrøm‘ fascinates all with the torrent of the same name and pushes the bathers outdoors past typical Nordic landscapes. Finally, ‘Snorri´s Saga‘ will enchant visitors by taking them on a relaxed lazy river journey through ‘Rulantica‘. The outdoor area ‘Frigg Temple‘ guarantees great swimming fun.

After bathing fun and a thrilling experience, 1,700 deckchairs spread out in the spacious indoor area offer the possibility to sit down and relax. Eight individual Cabanas with catering services offer families an exclusive retreat. But not only the 20-meter-high, shell-shaped hall, but also the 8.000 square-meter outdoor area offer the possibility to relax on one of the 500 sun loungers in the open air and enjoy the southern sun.

Culinary highlights

If after all the water attractions visitors feel like enjoying a culinary time-out, they can choose from a wide range of catering offerings in this world full of experiences. The self-service restaurant ‘Lumålunda‘ offers a variety of choices, from appetisers to desserts, all day long. Visitors can also rejuvenate themselves in the foyer of the water world thanks to a cosy café ‘Lækkerback‘ with sweet treats. For an in-between meal, the snack restaurant ‘Snekkjas‘ located in ‘Rangnakor‘ invites visitors in.

For fans of wet who don´t even want to leave the water for a refreshing beverage, the pool bar ‘Skog Bar’ in the ‘Skog Lagune’ is the perfect place to be. The ‘Tempel Bar’ in the outdoor area also offers delicious refreshments.

In addition, three shops give the opportunity for a quick browse, either to update some swimming equipment or to secure a small Rulantica souvenir. ‘Snorri´s Grotta‘ is located directly in the water world, whereas the other two shopping outlets are located in the lobby and on the first floor.

Diverse added value

Rulantica – the new Water World at Europa-Park is the largest single investment by the Mack family, and one of the most extensive individual investments by a private company in the region. As in the past, the family business implements the large-scale project independently and renounces the use of state subsidies. Europa-Park owner Roland Mack: 'The expansion of our overall offer and the realization of this unique water world is an important step towards securing the future of the location. We cannot afford a standstill if the region is to remain attractive to guests who are traveling from further afield. This lighthouse project not only provides a positive impulse for tourism development, but at the same time creates 550 new jobs and increases leisure value for the local community.'

For families in particular, the resort extension is a perfect complement to the best theme park in the world. Both before and after the refreshing adventure, a convenient shuttle bus service connecting the water world with the Europa-Park hotels ensures comfortable arrival and departure options.

Together with Rendler Bau GmbH and Wilhelm Füssler Bau GmbH, two well-known, family-run construction companies from the region, the major project will be realized in several phases.

Since 2016, Michael and Thomas Mack, together with their father Roland Mack and their uncle Jürgen Mack, have been part of the management of Europa-Park. As managing directors, they are responsible for implementing the new water world together with their sister and certified architect, Ann-Kathrin Mack.

Die Rulantica-Story

Rulantica – the new water world' is far more than just a name, for there is a colourful story behind 'Rulantica', developed by MackMedia, at the heart of which rises the legendary island of 'Rulantica', a source of fascination since time immemorial.

But is Rulantica a mere legend, or does the island really exist? For decades, the Krønasår natural history museum has been on the trail of the myth and is now set to showcase its discoveries to the public in its special 'Rulantica' exhibition. Before the show opens at the end of the year, though, you’ll have the chance to experience 'Rulantica' digitally! So, get ready – we’ll soon be spiriting you away into the fascinating story of the magical island of 'Rulantica' on a specially dedicated website!

Little bookworms should in any case be sure to mark October 2019 on the calendar, because this is when the first book in the Rulantica children’s series is due to appear. The novels in the series will recount the adventures of orphans Mats and Finja, whose fate is closely linked to the mysterious island. The books, being produced in co-operation with German publishers Coppenrath Verlag, will be available online and in bookshops from October 2019.