Kaiserbergfest Ringsheim

Live music at Kaiserberg in Ringsheim

The Kaiserbergfest: Together with the towns of Ettenheim and Herbolzheim, as well as the respective wineries and wine cooperatives, there is an annual autumn program "around the Kaiserberg". On Wednesday before the 3rd of October the grapes of the varietal garden are harvested. The population and guests are cordially to the "harvesting". Afterwards all guests will be having snacks together.

The grapes are then trudged on the following Friday at the weekly markets in Ettenheim and Herbolzheim. The fresh grape juice is served to children. (Most of the grape juice is expanded to a special Lordmare-Cuvee and served at the Kaiserbergfest of the following year)

On October 3 the popular Kaiserbergfest takes place around the observation tower on the Kaiserberg. Tingling wines and culinary delights, with musical entertainment, are offered throughout the day. Take the opportunity to hike to the Kaiserbergfest. You will learn here a lot of interesting things about the vineyards and variety of wines. Selected wines are tasted at the entrance of selected vineyards together with local bacon, lard and bread.

Departure of the hike is at 9.30am in Ettenheim at the Prinzengarten, in Herbolzheim at the marketplace and in Ringsheim at Ochsenbrunnen on the B 3. At 10am begins the march from the clubhouse in Ettenheimweiler.

At the finish line, visitors have the opportunity to attend an ecumenical service at 11am. Afterwards a variety of culinary delights are offered. Creamy pumpkin soup, onion soup, flammenkuchen, bacon with bread, wine, pasta, a roast, etc. are served in combination with selected wines from the Kaiserberg.

In addition, you will be musically entertained throughout the day.

Dates of Kaiserbergfest:

Kaiserbergfest Ringsheim

  • When? 03rd of October 2019
  • Time? from 9.00am
  • Where? Tower Kaiserberg in Ringsheim
  • Why? Wine
  • Fee? FREE

What to expect:

  • Interesting hike
  • Festive mass
  • Live music all day
  • Lots of food and wine
  • Entertainment around the tower


The festival is not far from our hotel. We are happy to give you information on how to get there.


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